Easter Head at Dunnet Head

Was sat deleting old stuff from my phone and I found these images, I admit they don’t look much..

Taken in Aug 2012, while on a bit of a tour of Scotland. They show the most northern point of the British Mainland, most people think that John O’groats is the most northern point, but its actually Easter Head at Dunnet Head.
scotland-2012These are the ruins of Ardvreck Castle on Loch Assynt, I had forgot where this photo was taken, but after a bit of google searching I found it http://goo.gl/UwXvwy

Stupid fact: My home address to Paris is only 30 miles further than this ruin is from my home, and it’s motorways all the way to Paris, so would be lots easier driving and more comfortable for the passengers… I’m not sure I should tell Liz it would have been a quicker and easier trip to drive to Paris….