Google accounts

I am having a bit of a google account meltdown, I’ve had different accounts with gmail / googlemail, youtube etc since they were all individual systems, from well before google owned youtube, and now that Google have unified their logons across their different systems with Google+ being tied into their email, webmaster tools, youtube etc, I find that I just cannot get access to all my data from any one account, I have thought about it, and it looks like I am going to have to trash my youtube account,, and an old gmail account, to bring everything into one new single Google+ account, there just doesn’t seem to be a way to change ownership of youtube accounts from one gmail to another, you cn add and associate the account with other email address’s but ownership stays with the original account, so I spent the last hour downloading all my videos, and I plan to just leave the old stuff online to gather dust and then add new videos into a new youtube account which I can associate to a main Google+ account

See what I mean, its all too confusing, I already had a headache, but now…..