No one said it was Easy {listening}

Decided that I’d try listening to some different music, thats different for me, not something wild or different to everyone else in the world…

So this week I loaded the car with a few mp3’s of Coldplay Albums and I’ve been listening to those as I drive back and forth. 

My conclusion is that most Coldplay tracks are perfect to commit suicide by, I find myself wanting to turn left into the nearest brick wall, (ok, not funny) but there are the odd tracks which the melody and lyrics over-ride the call to draw my own blood, and are actually ok,

My preference across their range of albums are actually the better known tracks, Yellow, Clocks, trouble, and the one that I chose to add as a video link below, "the Scientist" which I like the rhythm and  the lyrics ‘hit a chord of their own’.

[youtube_sc url=]

Decided upon a video that had the lyrics included within it, seems more…appropriate than watching a live performance..