Nuke or Joomla!

I am in a dilemma, I have used postnuke for years, but lately am very disheartened with it, it seems to be lagging behind other systems, particulally Joomla. I have used postnuke for websites since day one of nukes creation, I have been stood back from the community for quite some years due to my legal hassles, but have always kept up with whats been going on, at the moment I feel the system is failing to keep up, to make the system do some of the pretty things joomla does, i would have to find 3rd part addons etc etc, and then worry whether the authors would upkeep them, yet Joomla does most all things straight out of the box. If I had to list the particular things which have impressed me with Joomla, which are missing in postnuke I would have to list them as follows.

  • Built in Image system, image uploads, content image insertion, Image admin for all sections, groups, links, contacts, menu items etc
  • Front page management, article / news order management, ordering for front page items, ordering for links, sections, contacts etc
  • Module, Components, Themes Installation system.
  • Simpler permissions, Groups and User management.

In all I am very Impressed, to such that I am now considering moving all my postnuke websites to be Joomla ones. My Newton-le-Willows website will be a pain in the arse to change over, it has 750 users, so all the member details would have to be imported, it has 120 articles, not a lot, but they are all large articles, some are thousands of words. with included images, so they will be a pain due to image links all needing to be altered. The Forum is the main hassle for me, it will not transfer easily if at all, its a pnforum, so i guess i would have to import it to a phpbb forum which i believe is the way to go. but… Do i really want to have the forum? Lately the only worries I have had from the website, have come from the forum, in a local town website i believe a forum isn’t a good thing.when two or more people online normally start even a small forum war of words, it never really matters because they will probably never meet in real life, most forums flame sessions are fairly international affairs, but here most of the people know the others, so It very quickly starts to get personal, and I wonder whether as the website owner, is it worth the bother. Originally the website was just a history / photos website, I think Its the easiest option for a transfer of info from postnuke > Joomla to go back to that original website idea, history and photos only. Anyway, thats my dilemma.

Steven Dowd