MP Expenses

M.P. Expense’s: Constituency owned London Property

While chatting with a pal yesterday, he mentioned something which I think is a brilliant idea.

Why doesn’t the Council for each area of the UK, each constituency, which sends an MP to sit in the House of Commons buy a property in London, and from then on that property will always be used as the home for which ever M.P. they have elected to represent that Constituency at Government.

In this way, no single M.P. would profit by getting Interest Payments on any personal property, it will stop M.P’s keeping for eternity the furnishings and fittings that they manage to get through their expenses on that personal property.

The Constituency owned London property would be an asset on the Council books/accounts, and all expenses, furnishings will belong for all time to the Constituency.

There would be no home flipping, because they will always have their own home, and have to pay their own home costs, there could be no arguements then over needing a propety in the London area, and the local Council would have full transparency over the costs of housing their M.P. at Westminster.